What Makes My Writing Different:


Evidence Based

My graduate degree in nutrition science allows me to deftly navigate and synthesize findings in the scientific literature.


Story Telling

Through empathetic one-on-one interviews, I find and report on real-life stories that go beyond mere statistics.


Critical Thinking

To write about complex topics, I start with curiosity and probe beyond assumptions and headlines.



I care deeply about the people I write about: patients with chronic diseases and their caregivers.

Where I’ve been Published:

“PCI hired Mia to lead the writing and development of a collaborative technical brief on family participation in the care of the inpatient newborn. At each point along the way, from a detailed outline, to combining and incorporating comments from a wide variety of technical experts around the world, Mia delivered an exceptional product that demonstrated her technical writing skills as well as her familiarity with newborn health literature and themes.

In addition to Mia’s talents, she is highly professional, personable and engaging, and was able to navigate the project’s shifting timelines and wide-ranging input with ease.”

— Judith Robb-McCord, Vice President at Project Concern International

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